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Herianthus Tuberousus

Selling price: Jerusalem artichoke EKISU (extract) EX
7.500 yen
25mlX30 wrapped inulin 6.04mg easy to drink juice type Please served in the 1st 2 wrapped guideline

Jerusalem artichoke Ekisu EX (granules)
15.000 yen
2.5gX90 wrapped inulin 3.45g
please enjoy a day 3 follicle guideline

Jerusalem artichokes MAX (syrup)
12.000 yen
5gX60 wrapped inulin 2.93g
please enjoy a day 2 wrapped guideline
(more Jerusalem artichoke country of origin Germany)

Jerusalem artichokes of the seminal (juice type)
4.500 yen
juice 720ml inulin 2.59mg
please enjoy a 50ml as a guide to the 1st

Jerusalem artichokes of the seminal (grain)
6.000 yen
450 grain inulin 1.6g (15 grains)
Please enjoy the 15 tablets a guide per day
(more than Jerusalem artichoke country of origin China)

Jerusalem artichoke of Pioneer, Japan's largest handling capacity and the
safety and security with the evidence
the Japan diabetes diet Research Corporation product we recommend.

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The main component of the Jerusalem artichoke is a type of polysaccharide called inulin. Many potato raises immediately by blood sugar decomposed into glucose when it is absorbed into the body in the starch, inulin in the stomach difficult to it only in the digestive becomes shorter fructose be decomposed in a polymer of fructose It will stay a long time. Therefore absorption of sugar from the intestinal tract and can prevent the spike in blood sugar levels reduced to a small amount of secretion of calm and insulin. These and has been called "natural insulin" because. The name of the inulin I am derived from the fact that has been extracted from Asteraceae Ogurima genus of perennial plants (inula).

Origin is introduced into Japan in the Meiji first year in North America, but was not in the presence stood out too much, is also one after another study presented at such as the United States was now the effect of inulin components are known.

Inulin [Inulin (Germany)] has been found to be hardly absorbed by taking entwined excess sugars and fats in the body is by absorbing moisture passes through the gastrointestinal jelly. 38 people in test Demura Hiroshi Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Women's Medical University went (Male 17 people, Female 21 people average age 59 years) food was extracted the active ingredient of Jerusalem artichoke to the subject (Jerusalem artichoke grain per day 250mgX15 grain) 7 or It takes months, and as a result about 90% of the people blood sugar levels have been reported results that fell. (September 2 days to April 14 the year '06 test period 2005)

In addition, Jerusalem artichokes around waist circumference and thighs, also has been reported in the same test decrease, such as body weight. Jerusalem artichokes that inulin is a water-soluble dietary fiber is included in the abundant, it has also been attracting attention as a metabolic improving food from the fact that bowel movement is also better.

Inulin in the 2nd Asia science Shinpojumu by Marcel Roberfroid professor emeritus of Belgium Leuven Catholic University increase the good bacteria, the adjustment of the immune function, was to demonstrate to report the call to promote the absorption of Improvement of a Saline-magnesium.

It died in one diabetes in 10 seconds in the world, two people who become diabetic in 10 seconds.

Inulin containing comparison

Jerusalem artichokes 13 percent to 20 percent
Burdock 5% to 10%
Nira 3% to 10%
Onion 2% to 6%
Asparagus 0.6%

Component of Jerusalem artichokes (mineral in Jerusalem artichoke 100g, vitamin)

Mineral Vitamin
Potassium 630mg Vitamin B1 0.07mg
Calcium 13mg Vitamin B2 0.05mg
Magnesium 13mg Niacin 1.7mg
Phosphorus 55mg Vitamin B6 0.05mg
Iron 0.2mg Folic acid 7ug
Zinc 0.3mg Pantothenic acid 0.14mg
Copper 0.16mg Vitamin C 12mg
Sodium 2mg Vitamin E 0.1mg

Other (minor component) β over-carotene, choline polyphenols, flavonoids,
selenium, manganese, etc.

About Jerusalem artichokesJerusalem artichoke it has been harvested in this year (domestic)

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