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October 10, 2012 NHK General TV broadcast program information wide "of surprise to seasonal salmon power" astaxanthin "memory improvement, anti-aging effect, such as" to put in was introduced that there is. Cast Kazuyoshi Yazawa (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Professor) Katsuhiko Ueda (Fisheries Agency staff)


Asutabia 60 tablets containing
1 month convenient sealed package to mobile is very to eat cheap capsule.


* The sold in pharmacies

* Raw materials: Baio genic

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Harm of active oxygen
ultraviolet light, car exhaust gases, chemicals, food additives, also will increase the active oxygen in the body elements, such as stress.

Astaxanthin is a health component, which is now the most attention. Astaxanthin Speaking of β-carotene in the component called same carotenoids and β-carotene, has been known as a component that is included in many green and yellow vegetables such as carrots and spinach. However, has been found to have potent antioxidant power than β-carotene studies. Supplements using this anti-oxidizing power is Asutabia. Humans When exposed to ultraviolet light, will have a lot of active oxygen generated in the body. This has become a cause of progressive aging of your skin and body. But the use of the astaxanthin, by its superior antioxidant action, it will be possible to suppress the active oxygen that occur in the body. that the body of active oxygen is suppressed, is that become anti-aging of your skin and body. Asutabia is a product of the attention in the supplements that contain astaxanthin.

Product content and component fee
● Asutabia 320mg × 60 grains [name] astaxanthin-containing food
[Nutritional facts in 2 tablets (640mg) per] energy 4.38kcal, protein 0.178g lipid 0.388g, carbohydrates 0.044g, 0.658g sodium [Ingredients ] medium chain fatty acid glycerides, vitamin E-containing vegetable oil, gelatin, Hemotokokkasu algae dye, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester

ASTABIA " Asutabia "1 package 60 tablets containing 1 month

NatureAstaxanthin Domestic extraction it is safe in.

● domestic sales asking price

● purchasing one pack one month 3,500 yen (tax included)
two pack 2 months 7.000 yen (tax and postage)
● The delivery courier postage .......
post office Yu-pack shipping .......

● payment method cash on delivery / postal transfer / bank transfer
(if different from the present, such as the addressee is person of the bank, I hope in a postal transfer. I will deliver immediately us after confirming your payment)

● You can deliver the peace of mind that was extracted in Japan
" Asutabia"Only.

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Overseas package

It Spring is miss season of sun. But do strength of the same position of the ultraviolet and September around ending of summer

It is .... Note in the spring also strong sunlight.

 ■ astaxanthin antioxidant power of dozens times of foods containing β-carotene and lycopene, Is that hundreds of times.

Diet of Japanese who have helped to health promotion is
the sea of grace seafood. New from this seafood
active ingredient found. Natural pigment is carotenoids which is a kind of astaxanthin

carotenoids representative is a beta Caro Ting and vitamin E. These β Karotin is included a lot in the photograph of food left.

Astaxanthin is 40 times that of β Karotin, has been hidden is 500 times more antioxidant power of vitamin E. View and salmon rice balls, etc. Thus in the diet from the old days, long astaxanthin, is why was ingested naturally.

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