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Healthy help food of excellent anti oxidant action

OMD contributes healthily by remarkable antioxidization.
A product including Asta xanthine is being sold and a development produce of the use is being done.
● The one from OMDAsta beerThe high interest is also had at HA foreign countries.

◆ Description of business of OMD/match

OMD puts in medical supplies and medical equipment mainly, and all industrial plants are doing an overall consultant according to the needs.
Ad and the design*Publication*Overseas expansion*Planning of an international conference/assistingI have a comment from the enterprise in polite correspondence of a NADO specialized staff.

◆ Friendly city

I wish international understanding and friendship development, and our corporation OMD is supporting a friendly city of Saga-ken and a Kueichou Ministry.

◆ English education New plan.
Victoria of Canada in a good environment

Original training for the teacher I did Canadian Victoria Stewart college Canadian PGIC Victoria school cooperation of." Original training for> and the elementary school teacher who cooperated. After planning and attending the associate TTA class, you can teach the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology teaching guidelines with a confidence.
There is a Japanese OMD director in the site in Canada, so you can consult about everything.
Business English conversation training can do the wide training.
An English ability is also important one in a foreign market advance.
A question?MailOr call and, please.
? 03 3560 2371

Advertisement ◆Burn a petal.
The kou cancer power is confirmed by an animal experiment of School of Pharmacy.
"Healthy 365" colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and uterine cervix cancer are introduced to November issue.
Now, topical healthy food YouTube
β eauty Glucan
Burn a petal, plusC.   Burn a petal, grain LB - Scr
Now, topical COSUME β eauty Glucan

 A question is to Shop from here.

Red cup promotion
The UN World Food Programme

The support to defend the children's future
The case that much life is lost by the world by hunger now, the case that the children who can't work and go to school are still here to eat and these circumstances are handed down to many people, and it's also the promotion to report school lunch to many children by itself.

● Medecins Sans Frontieres

* A non-governmental organization ".The one of the team of doctors without the borders"Activity support
◆ Medicine industry person concerned study meeting

What do the inside where medicine industry of the world achieves a change and a future medicine trade have to do to survive?
"Own tracing and expansion of connections outside the company"  
2017 year January lecturer Nikkei BP company Miyada special mission edit commissioner

Subject "biotechnology genom general review"
An application?Pharma market supply

◆ Favorite word of a OMD staff

"Make one friend more than one weapon is turned to an other country." but a basic idea of our corporation.

◆ Approval of medical supplies in Russia and medical equipment
Results of Russia CRO and global study

● RegMed prof 

20 specialists made 200 projects succeed in 20 worlds of Russian CIS.EU for results in 17. Please consult about the enterprise hoping for market development by all means.
? 03 3560 2371 OMD

◆ Ad and the design
Economy, finance and industrial information.
Advertisement of the business magazine told timely
I can offer you all media.

A corporation Sunflower news agency and Ginza.

◇ OMD Product.

◆ Russia distributor Selling
* Sales country: Russia, Georgia and Armenia.

◆ OMD Admission guide.
Understand a gist and the contents of* this meeting one, and by all means, admission, please.
* The detailed contents of this meeting can confirm that you click this.
* I receive the telephone call.

Into foreing Markets Into Japan Market
Please consult with China, Russia CIS, Korea and Asia about the enterprise who will hope for an advance by mail from here. Main service Please be the overseas company besides Japan and consult about the enterprise who hopes for an advance in Japan by mail from here.   Main service


An economic trend in 2017, the present situation and measure 2016/1/10 For members.
It's supported in predominant one stop in a Russian market development enterprise.2017/1/1n
The Japanese cosmetics which found Russia market"β eauty Glucan" 2016/12/12.n
Russian APTEKA2016 About an advance request of Russia CIS. 2016/12/9 n 
Health of the Eastern Europe maximum level, medical equipment, medical supplies and exhibition APTEKA on the relationParticipation essential point 2016/11 end
When I aim at tourist's Hikari, shadow and sightseeing nation. 2016/9/27
The recent cosmetics sales trend 2016/9/13 Only a member.
Russian URYUKAEFU federal financial development look visit to Japan 2016/7/20
BIO upbringing of human resources of medical supplies Japanese medicine manufacturing industrial meeting BIO section 2016/5/16
The English education (English conversation) inevitability/Canadian short-term studying abroad The proposition that 2015/5/11 is important
A Chinese OMD member is to "crossing the border net sale".2016/4/14
With the translations in which Russian economy is strong2016/3/22
The Chinese latest trend of medical supplies and material 2016 2016/3/19
Chinese hospital rank 2016/3 
Related information INDEX

 I'll concentrate in spite of the business category and firm size, make the respective peculiar ability a scale merit and guide you communication and a seminar for a foreign market from the domestic market where I came to a deadlock. The purpose is relieved safely at foreign countries, and basic in order to achieve or, the person who shares the technical latest information and wishes development continuation of an enterprise for the future in the globalization is admitted.  
It's from this about admission.

When you're admitted, a member can read material of Russia and a Chinese advance.

The back reading content introduction you did member registration of
1. Way of Russian GOST-R acquisition in-depth explanation and handle
2. Russian basic information, joint statement of Japan and Russia, Russian prices and CIS infrastructure.
3. SAPURI item sold in Russia, manufacturer, the sales society and national policy and others
4. Regulation reform meeting (healthy food) revise of Japanese Government
5. The world GDP, the growth rate, Russian sales best 20 of medical supplies and medicine manufacturing manufacturer
6. Large medical supplies of 4,000,000,000 dollars, low molecular-biotechnology and infection patient guess of the world
7. Procedure of Chinese healthy food TOKUHO information acquisition Acquisition cost
8. Economic condition and movement of 2013 year world of Russia, China and a developing country
9. Russian medical relation, administrative latest news, healthcare prevention, the Minister of Health and Welfare introduction, international economy  forum (Novartis and Pfizer), hepatitis C curative and customs union
Everything is seen.


A pharmacist offers safety with evidence and relief.

Antioxidizing Natural Asta xanthine.
"Asta beer"
A package of 60 is with chips For 1 month.
A pack of 60 is with chips For 1 month 3500 yen.
GMP factory production
In immunity UP and health!
"Grifola frondosa MD - cell"
1 box and 30 packages Granules + propolis 
GMP factory production

In the worrisome one of a blood sugar level
"Extract of a sunchokeEX" Granules
1 box and 90 packages 15,750 yen [free delivery]
There is also a series I tend to ask richly.
"Extract of a sunchokeEX" Liquid 1 box and 30 packages 7500 yen [by 2 purchase, free delivery]
Antioxidization Hydrogen water is made.
"Mr. bubble bubble hydrogen"

With a detergent which can enter and use it lengthily 1 3.500 yen
[According to tax shipping charge] 2 bottles are bought 7.000 yen Including the shipping charge.
The power by which a large size is 8 times 8.000 yen for 1 [tax send-off]

"Mr. bubble bubble hydrogen" 2 entering 2 entering of 6.700 yen [according to tax shipping charge]
In a clear clear skin sense Face Soap.

1 (100g frame milling process) of 1.800 yen [tax send-off]
Keeping moist power of natural solid gold foil and Asta xanthine

In a souvenir and a bill.
"Name nyuu Luxury soap" "soap"
1 700 yen (more than 100 orders)
A picture is also left using the end.
It's a raw material in our company variously, it's being treated and it's being sold. Please order by all means.
About Asta xanthine raw material.    

■ Support and total consultant of overseas investment and an advance (member and non-member)

Foreign language teaching English conversation is learned in Canada (Vancouver,Toront,Victoria). A teacher of elementary and junior high schools, a doctor and a nurse can learn a business and general conversation. 2 school high schools in Tokyo learn this year. (Various programs are being prepared, increasingly. The special programming and home-stay for which the summer holidays were used can also be done. Our local director will look after it, so I'm relieved.)

■ When selling it overseas, the merit of the troublesome sales approval and import permission is needed.
I'm relieved and make the maid of market development certain in our One Stop servise.
Results Medical supplies, healthy food, medical equipment, a medical equipment, a plant and all kinds' equipment.

■ Japan of an overseas company and overseas investment consultant of a foreign market advance and a Japanese company.
Results China, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

■ An inspection and market research [The inside and outside of the country].
Results Chinese whole and Russia CIS.

■ International conference planning and operation
Results Russia, China, the Pacific rim area and Asia African area.

■ Joint management with a foreign market enterprise.
Results Russia and China.

You can search for information on an event meeting place in Russia and China and the various shows held at the site.
A local staff will correspond, so the enterprise which will hope for submitting in an exhibit, interpretation and a show can participate surely.

● Moscow■Expo centerCrocus Expo IECall_russianExhibition Centre

● St. Peter Berg■Lenexpo Exhibition ComplexExpo Forum

● Other CIS■Events(One after a date clicks Events Name and is able to read the contents and the next year's schedule.)

● Beijing ■State international conference center(In Olympic park) ■Chinese international exhibition center
Beijing exhibition house and Beijing exhibition center 

● Shanghai ■Shanghai international exhibition center

Isn't the society situation that information is excessive an excessive stress? For depression which refuses everything all too soon.
Don't you have time at the sun and the natural inside? The refreshing style and the tone of the wave refresh a minus ion at enough inside.
Don't you have a training seminar by offshore yacht?

I return to the head of this page.


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